Angie Larson

 My primary motive for starting my own studio was to provide a true Pilates workout to the average individual at an affordable price. Pilates has allowed me to refocus my entire outlook on life. I have been practicing since 2010, after undergoing a major upper body surgery. Pilates not only allowed me to regain my strength but has transformed my life in every way. On a daily basis, I am able to witness first hand how Pilates allows individuals to be stronger and more confident.

​At Mind Full Pilates, we offer classes at every level, from group-lessons to private one-on-ones.  I feel blessed to be able to share the many benefits of Pilates and the wellness it brings to peoples lives.


Kim Stuart


 Kim discovered her passion for Pilates more than ten years ago and was inspired by the 360 degree physical, emotional and spiritual effects Pilates had on her overall well-being.  Kim trained extensively in Marin and found that Pilates can help unlock any mind and body blocks, shed aches, pains and stress and improve strength, balance and mindfulness. Her emphasis is on wellness and anti-aging which includes increased flexibility, a stronger core and posture strength. 
Kim has taught private and group sessions on mat and apparatus, including the reformer, chair, tower and barrel. Her goal is to provide clients with challenging and inspiring sessions where they feel amazing, see results, and importantly, have fun. 

pilates instructors

Ellen Chapelle


 Ellen Chapelle was first introduced to pilates while training in the professional division of The Ailey School, a prestigious dance conservatory in NYC. With serious hamstring and rotator cuff injuries from rigerous training, she used pilates as a method of avoiding surgery and healing herself. Ellen is PMA certified and has been teaching pilates for fifteen years. In addition to pilates, she is also proficient in ashtanga yoga, reiki energy healing and all forms of dance.  

pilates reformer classes

Birgitte Juhl Rohrbach


 Birgitte has been teaching group exercise classes and worked with individual clients in the Bay Area for the past 20 years!

Her enthusiasm and passion is what keeps people motivated and with a background in Gymnastic and Ballet in her native country Denmark she now incorporates knowledge and experience into an inspiring workout.

She is certified in Group training, Personal training, Indoor cycling , Mat and Reformer Pilates , and enjoys all areas of fitness that will 
help you feel good and promote good health. 

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